Mrs. Blanca Sanchez

Ms. Blanca Sanchez is the Pre-School Director has been a part of the Calvary Chapel Christian Pre-School family since 2009.  After she earned her Associate of Arts Degree from Cerritos College, the Lord called her to serve God's children here at CCCP.        Ms. Blanca's desire is for each student to love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength.  She has been married 29 years, has 3 grown children of her own and 3 adopted children as well.  Aside from enjoying her time spent serving the Pre-School students and families, Ms. Blanca attends prayer groups and Bible studies here at Calvary Chapel Downey.

Mrs. AllY Moreno

Ms. Ally Moreno is the Assistant Director at Calvary Chapel Christian Pre-School.  After earning a certificate in Early Childhood Development, Ms. Ally began serving the Lord and His children here at CCCP in 2010.  She is a  Pastor's Wife at Calvary Chapel Downey and serves in the Women's Ministry as a group leader. Together with her husband, the Men's Ministry Pastor, Ms. Ally has 3 beautiful children. She counts it a blessing to work at the same school her children attend. It is Ms. Ally's desire for the CCCP students to know God in a real way, to love Him with all their heart, mind, and soul, and to believe that God is with them wherever they go.

Mrs. Carolina Henriquez

Ms. Carolina is a Calvary Chapel Christian School Alumnus. She earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Child Development from Cal State University in Fullerton.  Currently, she is involved in Pioneer Clubs in the Children's Ministry here at Calvary Chapel Downey.  Ms. Carolina has been married for 17 years and has 6 wonderful children. Her quiver is full!  Ms. Carolina's desire is for the children to come to know the Lord at a young age and have a personal relationship with God, and that they would learn to trust God through every situation, knowing that He is always in control.

Mrs. Denice Lopez

Ms. Denice is an alumnus from Calvary Chapel Downey.  After earning a certificate in Early Childhood Development from Community Christian College Ms. Denice was called by the Lord to serve young children.  Having participated in the East Los Angeles College Chamber Coral as a classically trained opera singer,  Ms. Denice is blessed with the opportunity to use her singing gifts in the Pre-School.  She has been working in the educational field since 2012.  Together with her husband, Ms. Denice has two young children. Her desire is that her students would learn the amazing love of the Lord, above all other things.

Ms. Hazel Alba

Ms. Hazel earned a certificate in Early Childhood Education and is currently pursuing an Associates of Arts Degree from Cerritos College.  She has been called by the Lord to serve as a missionary to both Guatemala and China through Calvary Chapel Downey, and she continues to seek the Lord's will for further opportunities to serve on the mission field. Ms. Hazel's desire for her students to grow in the ways of the Lord and that the seed that is planted in them would flourish so they might be a light to those around them.

Mrs. Jean Camodeca

Ms. Jean attended Cerritos College with a focus in Early Childhood Education, and has worked with preschoolers over 20 years.  The Lord has given her a calling and love to work with preschool-aged students and she finds it a privilege to be apart of these crucial years of their lives.  Ms. Jean has been married over 20 years and is a proud mom of a 18 year old son who recently graduated from Calvary Chapel Christian School and a 16 year old daughter who currently attends CCCS.  She desires her students  to have the saving knowledge and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Mrs. Amal Helmy

Ms. Amal earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education and a certificate in Early Childhood Development.  When she isn't teaching, Ms. Amal serves Children's Ministry as a Sunday school teacher.  She is married and has 2 sons that also attend CCCS. Ms. Amal's desire for her students is that they would grow academically and have a healthy spiritual life in their relationship with Jesus.

Mrs. Shelley Lemos

Ms. Shelley holds a certificate in Early Childhood Development and has home-schooled her 5 children for 20 years.  The Lord has loaned Ms. Shelley and her husband, of almost 30 years, their 5 beautiful blessings.  She has been involved in Children's ministries for over 25 years, and is honored and privileged to continue serving in His calling here at CCCP.  Ms. Shelley's desire for the students is to know the love of Christ; to love Him, serve Him, believe in and receive Him, and to grow in His grace and knowledge all the days of their lives.

Mrs. Saray Montano

Ms. Saray has earned her Early Childhood Certificate from Community Christian College and is continuing her education at Grand Canyon University.  Ms. Saray is happily married with two beautiful children.  She enjoys hiking, reading, and going to the gym.  Her desire for the children is that they grow in the love and nurture of the Lord Jesus Christ and become independent critical thinkers.

Mrs. Eunises Padilla

Ms. Eunises earned an Early Childhood Certificate from Cerritos College and is continuing to persue her Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Development.  The Lord called her to serve His children at Calvary Chapel Christian Pre-School, and  she is excited to continue to be used here.  Ms. Eunises enjoys spending time with her family, and most importantly, praying and spending time with God.  Her desire for her students is to grow academically, spiritually and mature in the Lord.

Ms. Jasmine Meza

Ms. Jasmine  holds her certificate in Early Childhood Education from Rio Hondo Community College.  The Lord has called her to serve His precious little ones here in the Pre-School and in the Nursery for church as well.  Ms. Jasmine enjoys photography, painting, and reading.  Her desire for her students is to grow and develop in all academic areas and build their own relationship with God.

Ms. Natalie Rey

Ms. Natalie graduated  from Calvary Chapel Downey in 2011. She then went on to earn her Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Development from Long Beach City College.  Ms. Natalie enjoys bike riding, photography, soccer, traveling and playing the ukulele.  Her desire is that the children would come to understand that Jesus loves them and wants us all to be like Him in all manners of life. She prays that her students would grow as individuals and become independent thinkers.

Mrs. Gracie Wilsey

The Lord led Ms. Gracie to Cerritos College to work with little ones while earning her certificate in Early Childhood Development. She has been called by the Lord to serve in children's ministry for the past 15 years and currently serves at Calvary Chapel Downey on Sunday mornings as a Kindergarten Teacher.  Ms. Gracie enjoys camping, traveling, and arts and crafts.  She has one adult son and was married for 25 years. Her husband has now gone to be with the Lord.  Ms. Gracie's desire for her students is to see the children learn about Jesus and grow in their knowledge of Him. She would like to encourage them to trust Jesus with all their heart.

Mrs. Perla Valadez

Ms. Perla earned her certificate in Early Childhood Development from Cerritos College. She has served in the children's ministry here at Calvary Chapel Downey for over 9 years and is happily married with 3 beautiful children.  She loves the outdoors, camping, road trips, and paddle boarding.  Ms. Perla's desire for her students is to know the Lord and help them grow spiritually and academically. It is her desire that they learn the tools they will need for their future.

Ms. Amber Ladesma

Ms. Amber earned her Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Development and has run her own home daycare in the past.  She is involved in many different ministries, including caring for her grandmother.  Ms. Amber has three beautiful children and loves music, art, and make-up.  Her desire for her students is that they learn something new everyday, while she learns from them as well.